What Am I Listening To?

Hey Lovelies,

At the end of May, a music festival with a difference will be taking over Frogmore Farm in Hertfordshire. HogSozzle is the latest festival to hit the entertainment scene and this year things are getting cosmic!

As part of their annual fancy dress competition and theme, this year’s event will focus on Cosmic Disco outfits. That means that the festival is leaving this world behind and transporting all of us to an out of this world experience.

From Abba to Star Wars, there are so many amazing options for you to choose from, so I decided to help you all and gather some of the best cosmic figures out there. Get ready to dance the night away as one of these...

Star-Lord: With Guardians of the Galaxy fever affecting all of us at the moment, dressing up as the leading character would make the perfect cosmic disco outfit. 

Superman: Henry Cavill has given Superman a completely fresh look and now it is your time to shine as the superhero. Shirts will be a big bonus as well!

Wonder Woman: The upcoming film has got everyone excited and rightfully so. Take those disco spins to the next level by making two costumes in one! You will look amazing whilst you spin.

The Fifth Element’s Leeloo: Fashionista’s around the world turn to this figure whenever space comes back onto the catwalk. Get ahead of them with your own versions of this iconic characters costumes.

Spock: The king of space deserves to be celebrated in style! Make sure to get those Spock hand signals down and the perfect ear costume pieces.

Space Jam: The most random of the bunch, there are so many options from the Space Jam film that it is going to be hard to choose which one to be.

Storm Trooper: Many people have worn these costumes and danced. Now is your chance to join them. They are always a hit and you will be to, as you get into the rhythm.

The Jetsons: Classic cartoons don’t get more space themed than The Jetsons. From swamping faces to fancy space ships, there is so many ways that these characters can come to life. You will be flying around the festival in style.

HogSozzle will run from the 26th May until the 29th lovelies, with an amazing line up and events list. To find out more and to buy tickets, visit the festivals website here: https://hogsozzle.com/

Who will you be dressing up as lovelies?

Festival Farewell,

Joey X 

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