Christmas 2016 Gift Guide

Hello Lovelies,

It is that time again lovelies where we celebrate Christmas by giving those around us the ultimate gifts and treats (as well as getting a few for ourselves). This year’s gift guide is the biggest one to date and it truly has something for everyone. 

From the biggest films and TV show releases to fashion and toys, there is so much for you to choose from and I hope that you all enjoy it. It will be up until the 5th January, so it will be there to meet all your need. It's Christmassssss...

The Ultimate Film Releases This Christmas

1. The BFG: Go back in time this Christmas and relive your childhood with The BFG. The family-friendly film will definitely make you all feel warm and fuzzy inside when you watch it snuggled up together.

2. Ghostbusters: Who you going to call? No one because you will be turning the phone off this Christmas and watching this film on a friends night in.

3. Suicide Squad: You have seen the heroes, now spend this Christmas watching the villains as they take over your screens. The ultimate present for the DC fans in your family.

4. Jason Bourne: The spy is back and in style this year, so make sure to pick this up and have an action packed Christmas. There are only so many times you can watch Die Hard right? 

5. Absolutely Fabulous The Movie: Patsy and Eddie are back and with a great fashion adventure. Sit back and enjoy this with a bottle of bubbly this Christmas.

6. Independence Day: Resurgence: Another action hit film, this is a great one to sit back with and realise that the family arguments that may happen over the holiday period aren’t as bad as the aliens in this film.

7. Star Trek Beyond: The latest story in the Star Trek franchise will have you on the edge of your seats this Christmas with the great graphics and imagery. Plus Chris Pine is on top form in the film.

8. Me Before You: If you are looking for the ultimate romantic film then look no further. This is the perfect film to cuddle up to your loved one with this year over a hot chocolate and Christmas chocolates.

9. Finding Dory: You will not forget this film once you have seen it. Not just for the little ones, this is a must watch for all the family this Christmas, as the little fish just keeps swimming into your homes.

The Ultimate TV Releases This Christmas

1. Better Call Saul Season 2: Missing Breaking Bad or know someone who is? Taking them back to before it all began this Christmas with the second season of Better Call Saul. Saul is at his best in this present. 

2. Victoria Season One: Sunday nights this Winter have been made by this glamourous story of Queen Victoria and the early years of her reign as queen. Don’t miss the wonderful Prince Albert love story now.

3. Game Of Thrones Season 6: The year was made for many with the return of this show and the finale will have you feeling thankful that your family arguments aren’t like the shows. 

4. Poldark Season 2: With the show now over it is time to sit back and enjoying it all over again this Christmas. Snuggle up with a blanket, hot chocolate and full for Poldark or Dr. Dwight again.

5. Peaky Blinders Series 3: The boys are back and with even more violence, gang work and ultimate viewing that will have you canceling all your Christmas and New Year plans to binge watch it. 

6. Outlander Season 2: Set in Paris, the style is on another level this year, so if you are a fashionista or a Jamie lover then this is a much watch. Especially with such an exciting ending. 

7. The Night Manager: Tom Hiddleston’s Bum! There I said it. Of course, there is another reason to gift this treat as the action packed story leaves you on the edge of your seat, but that is the icing on top of the cake.

8. The Fall Season 3: All good things must come to an end, but not when you have the box set in your hands. With a very gripping final season, the show is a must have this Christmas.

9. Lucifer Season One: A devilish delight that will make you feel a lot less guilty about the fact that you may not give this away as a present and instead keep it for yourself.

The Best Books This Christmas

1. Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James: With the latest film in the series due out next year, it is time to give those around you the chance to catch up on the books and prepare themselves for it. 

2. Bridget Jones’s Baby by Helen Fielding: Who didn’t love the new film this summer? It is time to go back to the start though this Christmas and read the original pieces that created and inspired the new film. 

3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling: Set to be one of the biggest films this winter, don’t miss reading it before you go and see it. 

4. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins: After transforming Emily Blunt into the lead character, there aren't many people who won’t want this in their stocking’s this year. Make sure to be the winning gift giver with this. 

5. The BFG by Roald Dahl: Transform yourself back to when you were little or get this for the little people in your family so they can read and see the magic of Roald Dahl. 

6. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: It broke the hearts of millions when it was shown on screen however, the book is even better and that is why it is the ultimate Christmas book to give this year. 

Fashion On Film This Christmas

1. Olivia Burton: A classic bumble bee style watch will make sure that you are never late to a very important date again. The stylish new watch designer has made her way into our hearts this Christmas. 

2. Yawn PJ: A comfy pair of PJ’s are an essential over the Christmas period and Yawn has some of the most stylish and prettiest pairs around to snuggle up in. 

3. Hey Holla Gym & Juice Jumper: A perfect cozy top for the fitness fan in your family. There is nothing like a snuggly jumper. Plus wearing a top that reminds you to go to the gym counts right?

4. Last Exit To Nowhere: There isn’t a t-shirt on this website that isn’t cool! The company makes t-shirts for every fan. There are Rocky and Batman ones, but my favourite has to be this Guardians of the Galaxy top, which will prepare us all for next year’s film.

5. Alphabet Bags: Who doesn’t want a cool bag with their initial on it?!? You can buy a load of different items and even make up cool names. I am thinking of buying the letters to make up my favourite film! 

6. Sugar & Vice: This company is a huge favourite of mine at Christmas because they always have original pieces. The movie misfits collection is their latest amazing collection to hit the website. And it is what dreams are made of. 

Give The Gift Of An Adventure This Christmas

1. Book of Mormon: Want to push the boundaries this Christmas? Then give someone the chance to say Hello to the greatest Mormon’s ever, with tickets to this magical show.

2. The Phantom of The Opera: A classic stage show that everyone wants in their Christmas stocking. Sit back and enjoy the ride to one of the most famous theatres of all time. 

3. Sunny Afternoon: As time goes on the show gets better and better every day, making many stars out of those who take to the stage. Give your loved ones the gift of seeing it make magic before their eyes. 

4. LEGOLAND: With a brand new LEGO movie out next year, starring LEGO Batman himself, it is time we took a trip to see where the characters are built, created and enjoyed before they take their giant steps to the big screen. 

5. Somerset House Ice Skating: Christmas is the perfect time to get up and go ice skating and there is nowhere more magical than in the place where many films and TV shows have been based. Somerset House will make you feel like an ice skating pro.

6. BFI Membership: Want to make the film lover in your family smile for the rest of the year? Then make sure to add this into their stocking for cheaper ticket rates, free members events and festival goodness.

Festive Foodie Gifts

1. Joe & Seph’s Popcorn: The sweetest treat alive, Joe & Seph’s popcorn is one of complete originality. The popcorn fan in your home will definitely want to try their impressive selection of treats that range from Marmite to Gin & Tonic. Plus this year they have some extra special Christmas flavours. 

2. Propercorn: With a brand new range of crunchy popcorns, this is the stuff that crunch fans will adore and love to receive as a foodie treat this year. You just might not want to sit next to them when you are watching a film. 

3. Ben & Jerry’s: Pick up a tub, pop on a Christmas film and relax throughout the festive season with two of our favourite people in the world. If Bridget Jones does it, so can we.

4. Cadbury Chocolate Treats: From chocolate Santa's to snowball creme filled eggs, Cadbury's are making sure they are on the top of everyone's Christmas wishlist this year.

Mark Your Home With Films This Year

1. Meri Meri Merry Christmas Stickers: Want to keep your presents stylish, then these stickers are the thing to do just that. Make sure that you place them on those sneaky individuals who like to open them early (I don’t mean me at all!).

2. The Calm Getaway: The Company has a way of making you instantly feel calm when you go on it and they have lovely items for everyone. The calm feeling is key when it comes to Christmas, which is hectic all the time. Brighten someone’s home with this sunny bunting.

3. BFI Artwork: Looking to brighten someone’s home? Then make sure you get the film fan in your family or friendship group a glamorous BFI artwork piece to make their home come alive with Hollywood stardom.

4. Clean Dreams Sponges: Never have you seen anything cuter than these sponge beds, which is why they definitely need to be included in the silly bits at Christmas or to put the sponges to bed after cleaning all those dishes.

5. Mon Cherry Measuring Spoons: Never has measuring out stuff in the kitchen ever been as fruit as this lovelies. A great addition for the Great British Bake Off fans in your home.

6. Mark It Cooking Brush: Go back to work, school or your stylish desk in the kitchen with these super cute brushes. Another great gift for the baker in your home. 

The Ultimate Film Gifts

1. Mad Beauty and Disney Gifts: Disney and Mad Beauty joined forces this year to bring to life some of the most magical items we have ever seen. From Lady and the Tramp make up bags to Alice In Wonderland bath potions, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. The Beatles Yellow Submarine LEGO: If you haven’t seen this floating around then you are missing out. As fans of the films will tell you this is a must have for any Beatles fan this Christmas. I mean look at little Ringo, George, Paul and John.

3. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum: After working its magic at the cinema this year, the film has been transformed into LEGO and it is now a Christmas must have lovelies.

4. Batman DC Lava Lamp: The 90s are official back and in style with this must have Batman lava lamp. Something to brighten the room when the Christmas lights have been taken down.

5. Ghostbusters Slime Mug: Who you gonna call? Someone to clean your hand from the slime mug that is about to take over your life. A great and fun design this Christmas from Truffle Shuffle to freak out those on your next journey.

6. Death Star Mood Light: There is nothing better for the Star Wars fan you know than this Death Star mood light. Just don’t get in a bad mood around it because we all know what could happen.

7. Lipstick Hip Flask: From Truffle Shuffle, this product just screams Ab Fab with the hip flask being a must have accessory for the ladies in the show. You can just picture Eddie with it.

8. Superman Fleece Lounger: Get ready to snuggle and transform into Superman with this cosy blanket. You will not want to move for the rest of the Christmas holidays.

9. Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter: We can’t let Superman get all the knowledge on this blog, which is why I have to say this gift is something I would cry with happiness to get in my stocking. Transform your food to show it how much of a hero it is.

10. Friends Shot Glasses: Gather your friends and use these fun shot glasses to have some fun over the holidays or give them as the perfect gift for that Friends fan you know.

Technology For The Entertainment Lover

1. VR Insane Virtual Reality Headset: Nothing is better than seeing your granny in a VR headset, and this Christmas you can do just that with this VR Insane headset. This is a great and cheap accessory. 

2. The Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot: After all that Christmas food it is sometimes hard to move around. There so use Alexa to help you keep the family entertained, informed and to help you in case you forget that vital Christmas item.  

3. Amazon Fire Stick: Fighting over what to watch this Christmas? Stick this into your TV and get lost for choice on films, TV shows and games that will suit the whole family. 

4. Amazon Fire Tablet: In lots of different sizes, this is the gift that keeps on giving, as every member can have and use one. A key item for any gadget fan. 

5. MacBook: Now in a super cool Rose Gold colour, the MacBook is the perfect laptop choice for those editing music, films and TV shows on.  

6. iPad Pro: Need to watch that film, TV show or listen to the latest soundtrack? Then this is the gift that will make that possible lovelies.  

7.  Apple TV: Looking for something new to watch? Then this will have it all at your fingertips lovelies, including brand new releases before they are out on DVD and Blu-Ray.  

8. HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot Spa: When cosied up on the sofa watching the Christmas TV and films that have been placed on the small screen, there is nothing better than relaxing those tidy feet than with this foot spa. 

9.  Salter Kitchen Gift Set: This Christmas the perfect gift for the Great British Bake Off fan in your life is this kitchen set. Plus it will be a perfect help for you when it comes to cooking Christmas dinner, cakes or gifts. 

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year Lovelies! 

Joey X

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