Good Morning Lovelies, 

This show I am about to speak of I had never heard of before, but I had heard of the man who starred in the three series. Timothy Spall is an actor that many people know but they may not know what his dreams were. 

Following him as he overcomes an illness, each series of his hit shows, Somewhere at Sea, Back at Sea and All at Sea, see him try something he has always wanted to do. After beating a life threatening bug, the star decided that he would take up sailing and that he does in this show. Travelling all over the UK and Ireland, the show presents a different side to the incredibly talented actor. 

Showing the beauty of the coast and elements of sea life that many of us haven’t ever experienced, the episodes prove to be an interesting watch that provides facts and figures that I personally and I am sure many did not know with a likable pair of people. 

Spall is showing viewers not only the place in which they live but that they must take up what they have always wanted to do and make the most of it. In fact he has done this so well that the Queen is even said to be a fan of the show. 

And because of that I have to agree with her and give the shows…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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