Good Morning Lovelies,

Now many of you know that I love a good horror film. I like the feeling that builds, the funny jump scares and the reaction that people present when they are watching one. So with Halloween coming up I had to watch the classic slasher film, Slugs.

Released by Arrow Films, the film follows a town and the people in it as they all begin to die in horrible and gruesome ways. When health inspector Mike Brady turns up to try and uncover what is happening, he discovers that it is human eating slugs that are causing the towns problems.

Never will an audience not want to go out into the garden ever again. But also never will an audience stop laughing. The mixture of the two makes the film enjoyable because you get the horror and probably not the most intentional comedic elements of the film.

The gore is definitely going to have stomachs churning on Halloween, especially if you are not a fan of the horror genre. When you think about the film it does make the evil insects in your garden seem even worse. But when you see it is even worse.

Overall though Slugs is a classic horror film that will go down as a cult classic. While it may not be as well-known as other horrors when it comes back out it will be.

This is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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