Good Morning Lovelies, 

Last month I took off for the weekend to visit my brother in Blackpool and I think that sparked the nomad in me. Two weeks ago I took off again to Ireland for my birthday and I am now planning lots of trips abroad. When planning all my trips and the ones I am planning in the future there is something I always think about. What am I going to watch while away? 

I am someone who struggles to get to sleep in new places and needs to have something to keep me entertained while I am travelling. Be it a bus, coach, plane, boat or a hot air balloon my tablet and laptop is always full to the brim of things to watch while away. 

In the past few months I have watched all of the following shows at some point while travelling to keep me entertained and happy. Plus a lot of extra ones including One Tree Hill, Scandal and Mr Robot. 

The reasons the ones below have made the list though is because they are normally my first choice to download. These TV shows have helped pick me up, calm me down or given me something nice to drift off into dream land. Thank you to these amazing features…

The Big Bang Theory: Anyone who knows me knows I love this show. Sheldon is my hero and I am not afraid to admit that this group was the group that helped me bring out my inner geek and not be afraid of it. I have brought the box set download and watch episodes on my laptop all the time. From Christmas to Birthdays there is an episode that matches different times of the year perfectly. 

2 Broke Girls: When you need reminding why your best friend is so important to you, download this show and watch it. I have been on an all-girls holiday and I wish I had taken this to watch at the time. The characters always make me smile and the two friends know how to make a hard decision or time that much easier. It is perfect viewing to download and enjoy by the pool to make you see why the holiday was the perfect way to get away from the hardships of work. 

Pretty Little Liars: Having recently begun watching this show, I didn’t have a chance to take it away with me but it is probably a good thing. I have been downloading and watch the shows while working out, as the different tense moments add to the adrenaline coursing through my body. Plus I am a huge fan of Ezra Fitz. This is going to be the show that I will be catching up on throughout the rest of summer wherever I am in the world. 

Gossip Girl: If you are off to the big city this year (Issy I am talking to you) then you need to watch this show for the glitz and glamour. Binging on this show while travelling will make you want to see all the best bits of the city. The Empire Hotel, Central Park, Manhattan, the show is full to the brim of goodness. Chuck, Blair, Nate, Serena and Dan will keep you company during your travels for sure. XOXO. 

Friends: However if you are looking to share your holiday with old friends than grab this classic show on download edition and enjoy. While relaxing by the pool, trying out the hotel gym or if like me watching it to help you wind down in the soft sheets of your new hotel or apartment, Friends is the comfort blanket for travel binging because you just can’t go wrong with it. 

Gilmore Girls: The same can be said for Gilmore Girls. If you find while on your travels that you miss your best friend in the entire world, your mum, then you will want to watch this. While it may not help that feeling go away it will help you while travelling appreciate your mum even more, so when you get home you can share the greatest experiences ever. The best advice comes from this mother and daughter team and a binge watch of this may give you the advice and wisdom you need while away. 

What shows do you binge watch on while travelling lovelies? I am always looking for something new so let me know! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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