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A few weeks ago when I was away I was asked if I would like to review the film, Son of Clowns, from Evan Kidd. After working its way around the festival circuit and continuing to do so in the UK now, I was quick to say yes to reviewing it because I believe very strongly that we should be supporting all film-makers.

The feature length film follows Hudson Cash, a TV actor whose show gets cancelled resulting in him returning home to try and build back the relationships he has with his family and friends, plus himself. Upon returning home he finds that many things are different and the problems he is facing are also problems that many of those around him are facing to.

Delicately portrayed, the script shows how a fragile figure turns to the solidarity he grew up with that is also crumbling around him. It is a script that shows that life isn't perfect but it is what you do with that life and how you enjoy or share things within it that make it happy. From Hudson's relationships to his parents business, he wants to see the good in things and even tells people this but he has to learn to love himself before he can do.

Kidd has made a great feature film that is easily capturing the beauty of raw film. It is a chance to see a film stripped back but with so much talent and elegance in it. The settings, characters and the storyline is a strong representation of what so many films have lost as they use a lot of special effects to achieve something. If the film-makers did would Kidd did then they would find themselves to making a raw feature.

All the actors and the talent behind the film have made a feature that I think and believe will remind film lovers of the passion people have to make films. To take everything away from the big screens and to strip it back to show they have a passion and that is the real joy of watching.

There are moments in which the film does become a little hard to follow because of this, but I think as an audience member you actually enjoy this. You can get creative with what you think about the on screen action.

There so I am giving the film...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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