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After an eventful first day and a lot of getting sorted out to make sure we were prepared, we set off to enjoy Dublin and all the sights on the second day. Literally from this moment we did not stop for the whole holiday. And it was all thanks to the Dublin Pass

Before we went on holiday me and my mum sat down to discuss everything we wanted to do. It was definitely going to be expensive but with both of us not having had a holiday in years we were excited to just go and do everything. However after searching online I found the perfect passes that would allow us to go in everything for around 90 euros each. About £70 here for five days’ worth of events. 

My mum Is Such A Poser

The cards arrived before we came and so we decided on the first day of sightseeing it had to be the Guinness Storehouse that we went and took a look around first. Leaving our apartment after breakfast we were quick to walk down the street in the early morning sunshine, right next to the River Liffey, to find the building. It took about 20 minutes for us to find it but it was so close and easy to find that we actually went around the whole thing about three or four times in the course of our holiday on the bus to other places. 

Upon arriving at the storehouse we quickly flashed our passes and ID in my case (I got asked for it a lot even though I was 21 on this holiday aha) and were granted immediate entry with a free drink at the end. Before you start the tour you are asked to stand near a section of the floor in the buildings shop area. In the floor is the original lease signed by Arthur Guinness that shows that Guinness must be made there for the next 9000 years and at the cost of £75 a year for the land. £75 A YEAR TO OWN! Madness!

Tasting Guinness For The First Time

After this you are left on your own to enjoy the storehouse. Upon entering the building you are faced with the ideas and the making process before you go up the next seven floors to see the advertising, the iconic figures that made up Guinness and a chance to pour the perfect pint or taste test trial. My mum had a lot of fun here. 

Once we were finished with the tour we headed up to the Gravity Bar which is on the seventh floor on the building and shows amazing views of the whole of Dublin. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was lovelies. It was the perfect place to enjoy the free drink of Guinness or in my case water after the tour. 

After we had raided the shop and brought a few Guinness goodies for our house, we quickly started the walk back where we stumbled upon our next stop. Dublinia and Christ's Church Cathedral were very close to our apartment and with our passes we were able to go in on the fast pass again to see some of Dublin's history. 

It was here that we realised that my dad had actually lied to us both and come on holiday with us. Only joking but this did make us laugh a lot because it made a lot of weird noises as it was pretending to go to the toilet. We are very immature aha!

The Very Funny Figure

When we had finished the tour there was a chance to go to the top of the building known as St Michael's Tower I believe. My mum who has a leg illness couldn't make it up there but she was happy for me to head up there and so I took off to the top of the tower, which again showed the whole of Dublin but this time I got to see the Guinness Storehouse from there instead of being in it looking at the church. 

It was from here that we ended up in Christ's Church Cathedral, however we didn't stay long before we were off looking for lunch. While I had picked up a meal in Tesco's the night before my mum had failed to get something and while returning to our apartment she stumbled upon a lovely local bakery in Temple Bar that gave her the biggest sandwich I have ever seen in my life. I mean she could have cut more sandwiches from the size of the bread given to her. 

With a full tummy, we left the apartment again to go and find the Wax Museum Plus. I had looked up the museum before we left and was intrigued to see what it was going to be like. Weirdly whenever I go away I can't miss a wax museum even though they kind of scare me.

Again a really easy place to find from our apartment (thank you Key Collection for being perfect!) we were there in about five minutes. The building is huge and three floors of wax madness lovelies. From the Joker on the bottom floor to Santa sleeping in the build up to Christmas there is just madness. 

However the maddest and probably the funniest thing that happened was that I had a New Girl moment and thought a human being was a wax figure until they moved and I told them to go and do a very naughty swear word with off on the end. Luckily they took my apologies well and I was on the look after that to make sure it didn't happen again. 

The wax museum is actually a little bit mad lovelies. There is a huge mixture of things to see, history to learn and familiar faces but the highlight of the whole thing is the kid’s area where you see a lot of lovable characters. Go there if you are off to the museum soon. 

Sorry For The Mad Hair

We were getting pretty tired after all the things we had seen so far but we were happy to go on and after a lot of debating we went to Grafton Street, where some of the famous Once scenes were filmed. As a huge fan of the film I was so excited. Like jumping up and down excited. And it wasn't helped that there was a Disney store on the street as well, which was covered in Belle and Finding Dory goodness. 

This street became a bit of a demonic street for us though. Whenever we went there we got lost. Tuesday was the first time we did as we ended up about a mile away from home. But luckily with our passes we could jump on the hop on and off bus which got us back quickly. 

From there we spent the evening inside our apartment where we slept for a long long time. We also plotted out what we would do the next day and I will be sure to share all the goodness from that day soon lovelies. 

Have you been to any of these places in Dublin? Let me know what you thought of them. 

Joey X

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