Good Morning Lovelies, 

With my favourite TV actor starring in this film, I was excited to see what the cast of ‘Visions’ were going to bring to life. With Isla Fisher, Jim Parsons, Anson Mount and many more starring in it, it is an intense thriller. 

The film follows Eveleigh, a mother to be, as she and her husband move to a new home that has been their dream for years. However the home comes with some unexpected guests, as they are faced with the haunting of a hooded figure, which is only seen by Eveleigh. 

As a whole the film is a thrilling watch from start to finish, although it is very predictable. It is a winner though because of casting. While not all of those within the film are stand out performers, the ones listed above really do make a stand. 

They are all incredibly intense and give a believable and fun viewing. There so I am giving the film…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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