Good Afternoon Lovelies,

I told you all that I would be back with another round up of the top films at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival which starts tomorrow and here I am! This is the next six films that I have chosen from the programme that I think you should all look out for.

Take a look at my final picks lovelies…

Finding Dory: How could this film not make the list? We have all been waiting for the follow up to Finding Nemo and finally Disney and the EFF are giving it to us on the 18th June at 2pm in the Features Theatre.

Kim Cattrall In Person: Not a film but a Q&A session being held at the event. From her role in SATC to more recent theatre productions Cattrall is a legend and this is not one to be missed. Her stories are going to be incredible. See and hear her talk on the 16th June at 6pm in the Filmhouse 1 screen.

Slash: Set in the world of fan-fiction, the film is a love story that will attract adults and teens around the world when it is shown. A creative feature for a modern audience lovelies. Check it out on the 17th June at Cineworld from 6:10pm.

Take Down: With a British cast including Ed Westwick, the film is a thrilling adventure that will bring back the gritty Brit productions. Have a look out for it on the 20th June at 6:05pm at Cineworld lovelies.

Yoga Hosers: Making the festival circuit rounds, Yoga Hosers finally makes its way to the UK. With a great young cast full of up and coming actors who will be dominating our screens, it is a film full of talented people. See it on the 21st June at 8:50pm at the Filmhouse 1 screen to finally see what everyone has been talking about.  

The Childhood of a Leader: The final film in my selection is one I have followed for a while. Starring the likes of Robert Pattinson and Nicole Kidman, the film has a lot of big names attached to it but has been kept hidden for a long time. Catch this before everyone else on the 18th June at 8:15pm at the Odeon screen.

Which film will you be looking out for at the festival lovelies? Also let me know below or on the social media pages if you are going and what you see. I would love to hear from you all!

Joey X

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