Good Morning Lovelies, 

I will admit to you all something now that if my friend Issy is reading this may just end our friendship aha. I am not the world’s biggest fan of Pride & Prejudice (the book). I can sit and watch the Colin Firth version all day every day but I am not a fan of the book. I find it hard to get into, so I was very excited to see Pride & Prejudice & Zombies which is out today on DVD lovelies. 

Starring Lily James, Sam Riley, Matt Smith, Suki Waterhouse and many more British stars, the film tells the classic story but with the added Walking Dead cast members. The Bennet sisters, helmed by James’ Elizabeth are feisty and ready to take on the zombies with all their might, as they use their martial arts knowledge to take them down. 

If you are like me and you aren’t the world’s biggest fan of the book then this is an exciting take on it. There is a gripping sense of fun throughout which makes it easy viewing. This is a key element to the film because without the knowledge of it parodying the classic book you would not be able to watch it. 

As someone who will admit I have read this new version of the book, I am sure many others haven’t as well and there so it needed to explain the plot of the book in the story. It fails to do this a lot and there are very strong moments of Austen’s book that are destroyed. Not a good idea for those who are avid fans of the Austen novel. 

It obviously isn’t a connecting part between the two but it is a story that they both have created. It is a story that the actors are obviously and throughout talented enough to portray on the big screen. James is a shining star in it. But it could have been given to them better presented. 

And because of this I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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