Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago I asked if I was asked if I would like to review the new Audible version of Alice in Wonderland read by Scarlett Johansson. Having begun listening to audio books to help me stay calm, I thought this would be a great book to get me back into listening to them and to fall into the fairytale world. 

As someone who likes a lot of background noise I found myself listening to the book when I was drifting off to bed, and no don’t worry lovelies I had no weird dreams about falling down a rabbit hole or having a Mad Hatter’s tea party. 

Johansson’s reading of the book is a dream, as her voice provides many different characters the ability to come to life as she easily flows from one to the other. Her perfect innocent voice for Alice, mixed with her soft and calm voice for the Hatter and the loud voice of the Rabbit makes for young and old to enjoy the new twists and turns that happen in the book even more because you can remember and learn which character is which from her voicing of them. 

Each chapter flows into the next with ease and sometimes you find you have listened to more than you expected as you lose yourself in the stories and the characters. At around 10 to 14 minutes long, each chapter isn’t long at all and if you were going to use it like I did to go to sleep, the timer at the bottom of the page can be a huge help in making sure it turns off when you think you may fall asleep or not need the story anymore. 

However I will admit that sometimes the timer didn’t work and there so when I started again the next day it was in places I didn’t remember. Although this could have been my own fault instead of the Audible app on my tablet. 

With a historical year for Alice in Wonderland last year, the audiobook which has just become available is a great active way of fallen back in love with the characters lovelies. Plus it allows for some great listening before the new Alice based film by Tim Burton. 

There so I am giving the book…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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