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As someone who has always admired Johnny Depp and count him as one of their favourite actors, I was interested in seeing the way in which he transformed so much to play one of the biggest criminals of all time in ‘Black Mass’.

Placing Johnny Depp in probably his best role in a long time, the film sees him take on Bulger, but the story isn’t told through his eyes in fact. It is told through the eyes of the people he had working with him and the people who witnessed him turn his back on them and the people around them to commit the crimes that make up his stories. 

And with such a strong cast including Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch and someone who is overlooked a lot Dakota Johnson, who puts on a brilliant and heart felt performance throughout, Depp’s character is given a lot of key definition and interest. They each provide a piece of life for the man who struggled to calm himself down and live the life the FBI asked of him. 

Set in the heart of the 70s, the film touches on the times a lot to bring to life the actions happening on screen. From the disco scenes to the talks in the city, the script incorporates the ways in which the people living in the city interact and change. The sun shines cleverly on screen when the FBI feel as though they are on to something before turning dark or gloomy when Bulger is on screen and telling his story. 

The creators have even made a clever choice in applying this idea when it comes to looking into how the characters have been affected by Bulger as their world also turns to darkness when he has managed to manipulate them and put them in his place. 

This isn’t just the only thing that the creators do though to make this story come to life. With careful camera angles, such as the scenes shot from behind the car which is moving to the parade events, there has been an easy manipulation to the script to apply these measures and make it work. 

However the real hero of this film and I am not just saying this as a fan is Depp and his performance. Removing all of the recent roles in which the star has been placed in or made famous, he has given this one his all and brought back the great performances that he should be remembered for. 

Adding an emotional element to Bulger, his acting makes for a conflicting time for the audience as you find yourself falling under Bulger’s charms because of the depths Depp has gone to to make his performance stand out and give the story and audience the vital information they need. 

There so because of this the film is a winning formula that will be able to tell the story of Bulger to a generation who may not be aware of the man who changed a city and the people and police within it. 

I am giving this film a massive...

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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