Good Morning Lovelies, 

Now before I announce the top films and TV shows that dominated my 2015 watch list’s lovelies, I wanted to mark the announcement with my favourite five scenes from a number of different films lovelies! 

I decided on five to mark the end of 2015 and next year I will probably go with 6 aha! There is a real mixture on this list lovelies and I am obsessed with all of them for very different reasons. Some have made me cry, while others have made me laugh. But most of all they have made my film heart and head feel something. 

This is why I am so happy to share this list with you all…

Bing Bong and Joy’s Journey: Probably the scene that will stick with me forever, this moment in ‘Inside Out’ makes me tear up every time I see it. Bing Bong was my film hero this year and I can’t even handle watching this little clip because of the sacrifices he makes. 

Katniss Finally Getting Revenge: In the last 30 minutes of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 there is no way in which you can’t sit forward in your seats and take notice and that is due to the way in which the last minutes of the film play out. It is thrilling and gripping viewing. 

Ritchie Dancing: Me and my best friend Issy laughed along with the rest of the cinema hard lovelies when this scene was happening in Magic Mike XXL. Proving that this film was more about the laughs then the first one, this scene was key in providing them. 

The Final Shootout: Probably the film that made me change my mind on a whole film genre, Slow West proved with this scene that the western genre had changed a lot by the time it came to 2015, as it changed the face and thoughts in which we all had with these final scenes.

Cinderella’s Ball Entrance: Cinderella was also going to be the film that brought fairy tales to life this year lovelies, but when a scene in a film actually had me messaging the Disney Store asking for this dress to be made so I could wear it around the house, you know it is special. 

There are so many scenes in which I could have reflected on in this post and there were so many in which I kept thinking of and changing them to, but I think the ones I chose were the best ones for me. In fact I haven’t stopped laughing at the Magic Mike XXL one yet aha! 

Which film scene was your favourite of the year lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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