Good Morning Lovelies, 

Over the weekend I stumbled onto This Material Culture and while on their I found some beautiful pieces in which I think would be a great way this Christmas of creating my own squad with these film inspired bangles! 

Each one I found and picked for my ultimate team caused a memory to arise and I fell in love with the ones I chose for them because they all had a way of making me smile. From long lasting friendships to animals, the bangles all have a special something about them that make them great Christmas treats. 

Here are the ones I picked for my new film power squad…

Jurassic Bangle: This would be the perfect present for my best and longest friend and squad member Dee, because like a classic we always make a comeback and it is always a hit. With the cute dinosaur hanging from her wrist, it would remind her of the greatness that comes with time and the brilliant ways in which little signs can mean so much. We have a friendship that has gone down in time and can rock the world!

Girl On Fire Bangle: Every squad needs the feisty one, so this Christmas I would give my friend Issy, AKA Katniss Everdeen, this beautiful bangle. Together anything can happen and we never hold back, which is why I would love to give her this bangle, as I think Katniss is as empowering as Issy and I know that she would be proud to have this on her wrist! Plus we are often seen falling in love with Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson together aha!

Mother Of Dragon Bangle: If I need advice I go to my best friend Amy, who could rule the animal world with her calm nature and incredible thoughts. This Christmas I would give this squad member this bangle, because I know that one as a huge fan of the show she would fall in love with it, but two because it would remind her of the amazing animals in which we are always talking about together.

Rainy Day Bangle: Often found singing the musical, ‘Singing in the Rain’, I would give you this bangle to my squad member Tessa, because I know that this Christmas will not go by without a Christmas sing song in her car and I am sure that this musical will be involved lovelies. I would also give her this to inspire her with her music, because she is a great musician! 

Belle Bangle: Okay so I know this is bad, but I recently read something that people often by a little present for themselves when Christmas shopping, so when putting this post together I couldn’t help joining in with my squad and picking out this Belle bracelet, as I felt that it was perfect for my love of ‘Beauty and the Beast’! What can I say I couldn’t help my virtual shopping aha! 

The incredible company, This Material Culture, have a number of great bangles lovelies that you can purchase for you and your squad this Christmas lovelies. They have given each bangle a beautiful personal feel lovelies and with the added gift wrap option, they will be sure to make the gift even more gorgeous with their expert wrapping. 

Let me know which pieces from their website you would pick! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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