Hey Lovelies, 

I hope you are all well today and ready for this week’s tag post, because it is all about my favourite TV shows and the people, items and episodes that make up my favourite and least favourite things about it lovelies! 

I hope you all enjoy it…

What’s Your Favourite TV Show?
I have lots but I think it is probably Homeland and The Big Bang Theory!

From 1-10, How Obsessed Are You?
Both a 10 out of 10, I have to watch them as soon as they air and I can’t get enough of them. 

Do Any Of Your Friends Watch The Show? Are They As Obsessed As You?
I know a lot of my friends watch The Big Bang Theory, however I don’t think they are obsessed and I think my brother is the only other person who watches ‘Homeland’ and he is as obsessed as me. 

How Did You Discover The Show?
I started watching The Big Bang Theory when it came onto the UK channel E4 and I got into Homeland after hearing everyone speak about the show so much. I binge watched it hard aha!

What Was Your First Initial Thought Of The Show And Did It Change After Watching It?
I loved The Big Bang Theory from the moment I started watching, and the same for Homeland. I wasn’t sure at first if I liked Homeland but by the end of episode one, with the hand moment, I was obsessed. 

Why Do You Like The Show?
I love the cliff hanger ways of Homeland and the way it hooks you in and I love the easy feeling of watching The Big Bang Theory, as they make you kind of feel like family and friends when watching. 

Who’s Your Favourite Character In The Show?
Sheldon is my absolute favourite in The Big Bang Theory and Saul or Brody are my favourites in Homeland, although Quinn is kind of taking over from Brody now. 

Who’s Your Least Favourite Character?
I don’t really have any characters I hate in the show; however I do hate the people you are supposed to in Homeland. 

Who’s Your Crush On The Show?
Quinn in Homeland and I don’t think I have one in The Big Bang Theory, although I do have a lot of love for Sheldon. 

If You Were To Be A Character, Who Would You Choose?
I would be Quinn in Homeland and Leonard in The Big Bang Theory aha! 

What’s Your Favourite Episode?
I remember the first episode of Homeland so well, so I think that would be my favourite; however the confession scene between Carrie and Brody is close to it and I love the train episode of The Big Bang Theory; however there are a number I will always love from it. 

What’s Your Favourite Season?
Season one is my favourite season of Homeland, because I think it has that special spark to it and season six or seven of The Big Bang Theory, as they always seem to make me laugh the most. 

Who Do You Ship?
Sheldon and Amy definitely! And Carrie and Quinn! Although I was a big fan of Carrie and Brody! 

What’s Something That Reminds You Of The Show?
Anything to do with the CIA reminds me of Homeland, and I always feel like I will spot Carrie and Brody walking around in the background if it appears in another show or film and the Cheesecake Factory reminds me of The Big Bang Theory, because again I feel like I will spot Penny working there. 

If You Could Meet Any One Of The Actors, Who Would You Like To Meet?
Jim Parsons and Damien Lewis, because both of them are superb actors who deserve so much more credit than they get!

What Other Shows Would You Recommend?
Oh my there are so many! I would say The Fall, Friends, Sex and the City, Outlander, Parks and Recreation, The Mighty Boosh, Girls, Orange is the New Black, and many many more aha! 

There you have it lovelies! My TV tag answers, which I hope you all liked and enjoyed lovelies, because I tag all of you lovelies to complete it as well! It is a lot of fun and really makes you smile, as you think of your favourite moments, so I hope you all enjoy doing it as well if you do. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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