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I am finally home after running around to get a few little bits for university, including a ton of tea bags aha! The most important thing for a student! And upon my return I have heard some amazing news from Persil about a new initiative in which they are working on to help others learn new things and get the best education possible! 

Around the world lovelies, there are 130 million children who will reach year five, but many of them will unfortunately not learn the basic reading, writing, maths and social skills in which they can achieve. And over 58 million children are unable to receive the education in which they deserve. 

As part of Unilever’s sustainable future plan, Persil will be partnering up with Unicef, to create their new campaign, Learning for Tomorrow, which will see schools and children across the world, including Unicef’s education programmes in Brazil, India and Vietnam, be given a €1.4 million donation to help give children the education they deserve, because it will be able to be used to supply teachers, literacy games and further campaigns to raise awareness. 

Speaking about the campaign, Clare Logan, Brand Manager for Persil UK and Ireland said: “Persil has supported learning experiences where children explore, experiment and exercise their creativity for more than a century. We believe this is the best way for them to develop essential life skills and prepare themselves for a bright future. Even now, there are millions of children around the world, including here in the UK, who don’t receive that opportunity. Working with Unicef on the Learning for Tomorrow Initiative is our first step to ensuring each and every child has access to quality and enjoyable learning experiences – now and for generations to come.”

While Kate Goldman, Director of Partnerships and Philanthropy for Unicef said: “Whether they live here in the UK or in any other country around the world, every child has the right to go to school and enjoy all the positive things that quality education can bring. Knowledge and secure learning: These experiences must be freely available to all. Our partnership with Persil will help us begin turning that vision into reality - and ensure no child is ever left behind when it comes to their own bright future.”

To help you lovelies understand a little bit more about the initiative, Persil have worked with BAFTA nominated director Amanda Blue, to create a short documentary film, that you can watch below lovelies…

I wanted to share this because school was a place in which I learnt that I wanted to be a writer and was able to experience my love of film weekly; through my Film Studies classes and I would love if other students around the world were able to do this to. Genuinely, I am not just saying this for this post! I want everybody in the world to get the education they deserve because it is so important and hopefully this new scheme will be able to help them do that lovelies! Go on Persil and Unicef! 

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Joey X

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