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This film news came to me over the weekend and I am only sharing it now, because it has taken me a while to get over that amazing interview lovelies aha! I hope you are all well this morning and enjoying the reviews and posts that I thought were a perfect treat for the bank holiday weekend, and I hope you all enjoy this new film about a huge legend that I am a massive fan of! 

‘Listen to me Marlon’, is a brand new film following the life and story of Mr Marlon Brando, as it uses his own voice to guide us through his thoughts and memories, after the filmmakers discovered many unheard audio tapes from the star. 

Taking us through the good and bad, light and dark, the non-linear film goes back and forth to share Marlon’s memories and his thoughts of the time in which they were, making for a hypnotic viewing lovelies, as he speaks of his daydreams, playful side and in whispers at times. 

While the star is speaking about his career, the filmmakers have delved into the archives and woven in clips of the star, from his young days, amazing performances and moments in the limelight, as he made a comeback after many years away from the big screen. With these clips and his voiceovers, audiences will be able to see the ways in which his real life and the ones he was living on screen started to blend together, causing many surprises for audiences, as they see the sensitivity in which many didn’t know he had. 

Overall the film is a homage to the amazing star and will be out on the 23rd October before it is released on DVD and Blu-ray in November lovelies, and to prepare us all I have the brand new trailer for it here…

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Joey X

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