Hey Lovelies, 

As many of you who read the blog daily know I am being very sneaky at the moment and planning something huge for the blog, which I will reveal is coming in November, and to make sure it is the best thing ever this year, I have been contacting so many people asking them to be a part of it and one of them is Meri Meri

I am not sure how I found their website now, but when I first went on it I was instantly in love. It is the kind of website in which I could spend hours on and if it was a shop, I could spend hours within. Due to this I was quick to contact them and the team were lovely and able to help me with my inquiry quickly and easily, allowing me to join up with them for a fun future plan. 

As an extra treat the company were kind enough to send me some samples of the products in which I may like to feature and today they arrived. Almost automatically when I opened the box I fell in love. I turned to my mum and had a very big heart-warming moment with the items in the box aha! 

They are dedicated to my favourite time of the year, which is Christmas and are just the most amazing decorations and items, that me and my mum have already started to plot and place them around our house in preparation for them. 

Within the box I was gifted a very cool sparkly garland, that even though I am afraid of glitter, I am in love with, because it is just such an original and cool idea. It has the lyrics to ‘White Christmas’ on it lovelies and it is just a fun and different decoration to the normal garlands in which are around at Christmas. I loved the rainbow colours of it that you would not be normally shown at Christmas and I think that is a refreshing idea for the joyful period. 

As well as this lovelies, I also received some incredibly bright crackers, with the words, merry/happy/cheers, and more on them and the same feeling came over both myself and my mum when we saw them. While they are built for Christmas, you could buy these crackers throughout the year to enjoy them. They made me happy and the idea that crackers don’t have to just be a thing for that time of year is a fun idea, because it could genuinely brighten a normal dinner party. I would love to see these on the table at Christmas and I am sure that these will be on ours this year and probably from now on because I will be buying more over the years. 

I was also gifted some amazing matchboxes with a Nutcracker theme, that I had not ever seen or thought or putting a gift in before, but it would actually be the perfect little package to do so lovelies, because they are always fun to open and close. I felt like these could be purchased and enjoyed before Christmas as an advent calendar or as a treat in your stocking. My mum even suggested that it would be a nice box to put jewellery in, instead of the normal gift boxes in which you get them in lovelies. For me this reminded me of being a little girl, when I use to watch a cartoon version of the Nutcracker and I think many people will enjoy a similar feeling lovelies when looking at them. 

The final item in the box was some incredible cute place cards that would awaken and make any Christmas table lively on the big day. We have never had place cards in our home, but when I showed my mum these she actually stated that it would probably be easier with everyone’s different foods and allergies, as we normally end up shouting out who is sitting where when it comes to eating. We both also agreed that the place cards could be used again and again if you kept them nice, because there are many of them in the box and with the same family members coming each year, you could save them for the following year. I loved the way they stood on a table and I could instantly imagine my niece and nephew playing with them at the table, as they make mad stories up in their heads with them. 

Overall all of the items were a beautiful piece of Christmas in the middle of August and I can’t wait to feature them in the special project I am working on in the blog. I never expect to receive these items from companies and I am always so thankful when I get them and today’s felt like an amazing treat, because it really made me happy, as I have been longing for Christmas recently for some mad reason and this got me very excited for it all over again. 

Thank you so much Meri Meri! I will definitely be having a big shop on your website soon and I can’t wait to bring to life the project in which we are working on! 

Bring on November lovelies, when all will be revealed aha! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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