Hey Lovelies, 

Sorry for the little delay in posts today, I have been re-enrolling at university, working out and then I had a spot of lunch, but don’t worry I am back now and I have some of the best news of the day! Oh yes it is release news time! 

And to start us off I have some exciting news for Wojciech Has and Federico Fellini fans, as their hit films, ‘The Saragossa Manuscript’, the 60s cult classic that takes a look at Napoleon’s invasion in Spain and the two soldiers who changed it in this supernatural film,  ‘The Hourglass Sanatorium’, which explores a number of short stores in different dimensions and blurred imagery, and thirdly the 70s classic, ‘Casanova’, which stars Donald Sutherland as the womaniser, who ends up in prison after police arrest him for his scandalous ways. 

All of which will be out on the 7th September lovelies! 

As well as this the hit film ‘Glassland’ will be out on DVD from the 10th August lovelies, however you will be able to watch it earlier digitally from the 3rd August, so don’t miss out on this lovelies! 

And now I have a very different piece of release news lovelies, as this is about a book, but a book from director Nicolas Winding Refn, who has created a new book all about his collection of rare American film posters called ‘The Act of Seeing’, which a coffee-table sized hardback that will allow readers to explore his visions towards cinema that has been huge since his childhood. 

One of the posters in the book!

The book will be out on the 14th September lovelies, and as an added bonus Refn and his co-author Alan Jones, will be taking to the stage at the BFI Southbank to talk about the book, as well as to screen one of the films that has influenced Refn’s work, before they take to a book signing at The Cinema Store on the 2nd September lovelies. 

Have a look out for all of these very soon lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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