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As a huge fan of Michael Fassbender and not because I think he is good looking but because of the way he captures an audience in, I was very excited to capture the critically acclaimed ‘Slow West’ after hearing so much about it from the Sundance Film Festival. And I was not disappointment!

The first feature film from John M. Maclean, the film follows a coming of age plot, which I was not expecting but really enjoyed for a western film. It follows 16-year-old Jay Cavendish, as she searches for the girl he has fallen in love with and is unexpectedly joined on his journey by Silas, a traveller who is a lot of fun but also highly dangerous as he is being chased by an Outlaw.

For a plot the film had a lot of elements to it that would attract audiences of all ages into the western genre based film. Normally the genre redevelops old ideas, but this one touched on new ones and brought in ideas for modern audiences that will attract them to watch it again and again. The casting within the film also knew how to convey these messages on the big screen in an affective and fun way that conveyed old school cowboy figures, with a twist. A fun twist!

While some modern westerns have followed a dark pattern, the coming of age element that runs continuously throughout this film, makes it a light film to follow and I can see it becoming a huge cult film that audiences will flock to love and appreciate around the world.

Most of the beauty though as I have said before comes from the casting within the film. There is a really nice feel to the film, as Silas and Jay travel around the country and that is through the way in which they bounce off each over. While there are parallels in Fassbender to the early Clint Eastwood films, he has a really nice feel to him in the film as the fun protector of the young man.

His character begins as a fun figure but becomes the father figure that the film lacks, however he doesn’t do it in a cringe worthy way in which other films would touch on doing so, as the script continues to unravel their friendship in a nice straight forward fun way that doesn’t become to predictable.

Jay is a brilliant character, but he would be nothing in this film without Silas and the men chasing him. His first love storyline is a nice way to start the film, but by the end of it, it is his relationship with Silas that makes it an enjoyable watch. You can see them becoming the same person and the way in which the director has captured this is going to encourage audiences to watch it even more.

As a whole the director has made a smart, modern western that will appeal to all audiences and will become a cult classic. It has a lot of action packed moments that will remind western fans of films that have come and gone, as does some of the acting within the film, but it has a new 21st century feel to it, that will make audiences want to watch it again and again. The director has written a script that not only hits the spot with the genres lovers, but with those who may not have been attracted to it before.

It is a new feature that will inspire so many more filmmakers to take a look at the genres of their films and change the way in which they are being focused on and hopefully make them better. The director here has done something that many haven’t in a long time and that it reinvent the western genre with a creative and fun tone, that audiences all over the world will notice and enjoy (I hope!).

Therefore there is nothing slow about this film, as it has earned this…

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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