Hey Lovelies, 

Anything quirky just calls out to me when I am shopping, so when a shop places the word in its opening title I am instantly pulled in, and find myself looking for incredible pieces that I can add to my weird and wonderful collection. This is why I wanted to introduce you all to the world of Cuckooland! 

When I first found this page a few months ago, the thing that drew me in was the ideal stocking fillers, that I didn’t end up buying for other people but for myself, which I know is really bad but I couldn’t help myself. However I could definitely find pieces that would be perfect for everyone to enjoy on their site. 

Whether it is chocolate or gardening items, the site is just a perfect present finding place and I know have it filed away as one of my top sites to find a gift for someone. As it states it is quirky and different, which is what I look for and that is something that other people will be thankful for when they open the gift that you get them lovelies. 

Although there aren’t many film items, there are pieces that I would associate with films and would want to have in my home. And seeing as I have a single bed I can have the pirate duvet case aha! It is just little things like that, that make me smile and want to have them, because they are just little gems in this wonderful website. 

And when you find these little pieces in life that make you smile, I just have to have them or get them for someone else who is going to smile about them as well! Cuckooland does this a lot with their items and the random pieces are my favourite. The more different they are to my tastes, the more I want to find out about them and store them in my home. 

There is so much magic on this site that you can tell they have spent a lot of time on perfecting, because it seems as though each item has been made with love, even if the item isn’t made by them. They have a family on their site or a family feel to it that makes me feel happy to shop there, as it has something about it that is nice, unlike some stores who are to over the top or too simple about the way in which they express items. 

I am not saying you have to buy anything lovelies, but definitely have a look around their site, which can be found here: http://www.cuckooland.com/dnc/cuckooland/home because it is so cool. And if they have that blue phone on their front page, how much do you want it? And the bed that is like a tent? I am all over that aha! 

Honestly it is so tempting to change my bed to that, but one I think it may be a child’s bed and two my mum may wonder where it has come from. So I am going to leave you with this post lovelies, and go and measure my room to see if it will fit. 

Let me know what pieces you like lovelies and your thoughts about the shop, because I would love to hear what you like or think about it!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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