Hello Lovelies, 

Last week I was lucky to be asked to take part in the new campaign by Persil called #PersilsStainMagic which is helping to get kids up and messy without the worry of stains! With so many people being afraid to get messy nowadays,  I am happy to say in our house, we welcome mess aha, so I thought this was a perfect thing to do with my niece and nephew! 

I happily agreed to do so and a couple of days after received an incredible package full of paints and painting tools, that would allow my niece and nephew to make the most of their messy fun! However this did leave me wondering what I could get them to do. After a lot of thinking I decided that to stick with all the film fun that is hosted on #FilmFriday, I wanted them to paint their favourite film characters, and today they did just that! 

About an hour before the event, I spent time setting up for them all to get the most of the fun, including finding some key images of characters I know that they love to help them with their paintings, but my nephew had other ideas as he is very creative and decided to paint his own minion, while my niece decided to paint her favourite characters from 'The Lego Movie'. 

So after laying down a cloth, setting the paints up and getting the paint brushes ready they started on their pieces of film art! This is where it got very messy! 

However the mess got completely crazy when they decided to add in the sponges! It was unreal how much paint they used on this, but it did add a little something extra to their images. 

Once the sponges had been put down I was able to capture the final images in all their glory with my little artists modelling their work for me...

Though while they were modelling they only just realised how messy they had actually got... 

But they were really happy to thank Persil for the fun in which they had with the paints and where happy to take this picture to show their mum what she needed to buy to get the mess out aha! 

I haven't ever done something like this for the blog before, but I was so happy to have been asked to take part in it when I saw the faces of my niece and nephew who both were overcome with the messy fun. It was the perfect way to end their week from school they said, so thank you so much #PersilStainMagic for asking and allowing us to do this! 

Now I have to go and tidy up, so I will see you all soon aha :)

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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