Hello Lovelies, 

So I have just completed my first day back at uni and I have to say it is good to be back. It was a bit weird but seeing everyone's faces again was so nice and it felt like we all just fell back into place with ease. One thing that was a little different was the outside of the building aha. It was a bit of a shock to come back and see the building having work done to it. 

But not everything needs work doing to it, such as these latest releases that have proved that they are perfect and ready for home release. With new releases from Soda Pictures, Warner Brothers and Arrow Films, I am ready and excited to tell you all about them! 

So shall we start with Soda Pictures? Okay then! This afternoon the company announced that they would be releasing 'Kon-Tiki', the award winning film that tells the story on Thor Heyerdahl's 4,000 mile journey across the Pacific Ocean on a craft. Faced with weather issues, wild animals and every danger you could face at sea the film is a compelling watch. It will be released in cinemas from the 19th December!

And the latest news from Warner Bros is a little change on a release I have already told you about. 'Grace of Monaco' will be released on the 13th October on DVD, Blu-ray and digital edition and wil include a brand new bonus feature that wasn't on there before. 'A Conversation With Grace Kelly', which presents the last interview Grace Kelly ever did in the media with Pierre Salinger. 

Finally the last release I have to tell you about is from Arrow Films. With another cult film just around the corner, the company have announced that they will be releasing David Cronenberg's 'Shivers' on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray Steelbook from the 13th October! 

The 1975 film hit marks Cronenberg's debut film in all its glory, as it also comes jammed packed with special features including new documentaries, interviews with Cronenberg, video essays, trailers, reversible sleeve and collectors booklet! 

What release has got you most excited? 

Joey X

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