Hello Lovelies, 

I just wanted to fill you lovelies in with what is going to happen the next couple of weeks, especially this one. Tomorrow I go back to university which I will be attending Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. 

I will be going to university at about 1pm till about 6:30pm on Tuesday's and Wednesday and then on Thursday's I will be at university from 8am till about 5:30pm. This means I won't be able to blog during those times. However I am going to come home and blog every day, as soon as I can and as soon as possible. It just may be a little late. 

And if I can't blog on those days I will make up for it on the weekends and Monday and Friday when I am off Uni my lovelies. I promise I will not stop doing so! I will try to do some before university and after lovelies! 

Just this week though I do have a few personal events happening that will also stop me from blogging, but I will definitely make up for it on the weekend! That is a promise! 

Sorry for messing you lovelies around! I am so grateful for you lovelies reading and following the blog and I hope I am doing a good job aha!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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