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I am currently cooking for my whole family and am so worried that they are going to get ill. I have made a Lentil curry with rice and then for my dad who is a fussy eater, pork with crackling served with new potatoes and broccoli and cauliflower. How does that sound? I am mostly worried about the pork! Oh please don't let them get ill!

Right now though I am worrying about not getting posts out quick enough, so while everything is boiling over and I am burning myself due to hot tins (Always forget they are hot!), I thought I would update you all on some more releases announced today.

Announced earlier on, Arrow Films are going to be releasing 'The Visitor' on DVD and Blu-ray from the 6th October! The film is a cult classic from the 70s and blends some of the scariest horror films into one. As always Arrow Films have loaded tons of special features onto it, including interviews, collector’s booklet, audio and a reversible sleeve.

Also announced today by Soda Pictures, 'Camille Claudel 1915' will be released on the 13th October! Starring Juliette Binoche, the film was a huge hit for indie fans over the summer, so have a look out for it in case you missed it.

Finally I have two releases from Metrodome! On the 20th October, 'The Lost Legion', a film that tells the story of the fallen Roman Empire and one woman's scheme to get her son declared as the new emperor. However her husband has other plans and is scheming to get to the top. 

And on the 10th November, 'Walesa: Man Of Hope' will be out on DVD as well. Directed by Academy Award winner Andrzej Wajd, this film depicts Noble Peace winner Lech Walesa during the 70s. The film has had huge success, so I would definitely have a watch!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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