Hello Lovelies, 

I am so sorry for all the pauses in the blog! I am trying to complete lots of things at once and I also keep getting distracted by Youtube videos. My brother sends me links to TV show/Film trailers that he thinks I will like and then I keep watching all of them. I have shut that down now and am listening to Sam Smith, who is my favourite singer at the moment! I love him so much! Fangirl moment right there! 

And some of you can fangirl right now at this up and coming film! 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' will be out very soon in cinemas and to prepare us all for what we are going to see a new Featurette has been released. 

Called 'Creating The Action', I hope you like it...


I am also working on another tag post which I think you will all enjoy because it is one which asks me silly questions aha. I am quite an immature person, so I think you will probably find my answers quite funny aha!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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