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On Sunday night I said I would do this post on Monday, but because I was so ill I didn't manage to do it. I hope I can make up for it now and tell you all about the film exhibition of the summer. Well it was to me aha! 

During the Film 4 Summer Screen, I went to have a look at the Print Club London Exhibition 'Summer Screen Prints', which highlighted the films shown during the event through limited edition prints, from some of the best artists around. 

Springbreakers By Hattie Stewart
  After being seriously impressed last year, I couldn't wait to see what  this year had in store and I was not disappointed. The prints were so  much better than last years and I felt like the prints were so much  more focused on the films this year. 

 There were artists I recognised and have enjoyed seeing their work  before, including Hattie Stewart who brought her graffiti style   artwork back to life in this years 'Spring Breakers' piece. Stewart  captured the crazy world of the females in the film perfectly, with the  colours and images used in the print.
The Royal Tenenbaums By Concepción Studios

 Other pieces that stood out  for me was 'The Royal  Tenenbaums' print by Concepción Studios, which  showed all the best and some of the most remember able  moments from the film through the lens of a camera. And  the 'Hairspray' piece by Kate Moross, which highlighted  the memorable songs in the film through the records on the wall. 
ET By Rose Blake

 But for many the film that will be  most remembered from this year’s event, was 'ET'. The film was chosen by  the public to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the summer screen and  fans got to wear cool ET masks during the event. However film fans got a  real treat with this print designed by Rose Blake, that I think captured the  childhood memories that the film has produced for many. I know it did for  me. 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes By Cassandra Yap
 The exhibition also had a TV in all  its art form glory to show how the  prints were made and to talk to the  artists which was a nice little thing  to watch during the wait for the screening. However I will  admit that I was a little bit taking selfies at this point with  the images that I didn't manage to catch much of it.  Whoops! 

 A Fistful Of Dollars By Joe Wilson
 Although I did manage to  drag myself away from the prints and selfie opportunities to  purchase a few postcard images of the prints, which are now  pinned to my memory board. I really liked that the exhibition had  this, this year as I was able to get the images I liked at an  affordable price that I could decorate my room with. There was a  wide selection and I had a hard time choosing which ones to get,  but I went with 'The Royal Tenenbaums' and 'ET' ones. However  you could get the 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' and 'A Fistful Of  Dollars'.

 It was at this moment I had to leave the images and take my seat for the screening, but I can honestly say I am so happy with this year’s exhibition and I wish you could have all seen it as it has sadly now ended. But you can still check out the prints on the Print Club London website, which I have linked below...

The prints are always amazing and that was why I wanted to share them with all of you film lovers because they are just too good to miss. I am a huge fan of them every year, and I will definitely be going again next year to see what the artists come up with next!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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