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So this is a bit of random fact that I knew about a while ago, but watching horror films can make you burn calories, because when you are sitting their scared your senses are so alert that they start to burn calories. I was never quite sure if this was true or not but the horror film 'As Above, So Below' has proved that it is true after students tested the theory. 

Brunel University conducted the test by measuring their physical and psychological motions during one viewing of the film, and found that it can burn over 150 calories. That is a bloody lot for one film sitting (Pardon the horror film pun!).  According to the findings, average viewers burnt 154 calories throughout the film, which is above normal as most horror films are said to lose 133 according to a previous test. 

The test also found that 79% of those involved had increased anxiety during the film, even if they were a fan of horror films or not. 

The film follows a team of explorers as they venture into the catacombs of Paris. Upon discovering a secret in the times, their journey turns into sheer terror as they reach the deepest part of the human psyche to reveal more secrets of their own, that will cause us all to lose 150 calories in terror! 

Directed by John Erick Dowdle, 'As Above, So Below' will be out in cinemas from the 29th August! 

Check out the trailer below...

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