Hey My Lovelies, 

'Painless' is a shocking new film that will leave horror fans flinching into their sofas! 

(The film is out on the 1st September)
While the film has an original idea and will probably hook in audiences, it is not a film for the faint heartened and at times it was hard to see what I was viewing. The whole idea was likable for fans like myself who have seen a lot of horror films, but I just couldn’t handle some of the things I was seeing. 

‘Painless’ is not a painless viewing experience because the amount of gore is just unreal in this film. I was left flinching back into my pillow many times, as you witness the children complete acts that you would never want to see. I couldn’t believe the things that were being shown and I would suggest that you watch some of these moments, with caution. 

Scenes of children harming themselves is not something that I could imagine any cinema audience taking well, and the way in which it is displayed will worry a lot of audience members. It is definitely a 15 for a reason. 

Therefore I am giving ‘Painless’…

2 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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