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'The Rover' was the film I was most excited about at Cannes Film Festival this year, because I am a huge fan of  'Animal Kingdom' and the actors involved in David Michod's new project. It also seemed like a bit of a stand out film because we didn't hear or see much of it being made, which is nice because we are all going to be shocked when we see it, as we won't know what to expect from it. 

I think the pairing of Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce was a brilliant decision, as they seem to work well together in just the small snippets with have seen from the film, and I would hope to see them again in something else, if this film goes well. 

I enjoy Pearce's acting a lot after seeing 'Lawless' where he played the perfect villain and in 'Memento' where we see how brilliant his mind works. As for Pattinson, I like the Indie style films he has started to make because it shows his true talent.

However there was something else that made me fall in love with this film when I saw all the news, reviews and footage from Cannes and that was the reactions people were giving. While it may not have opened to big reviews in certain places, there are countries that are holding their breaths with excitement and I think when it comes over here to the UK we are going to love it.

I can remember doing the same when 'Animal Kingdom' came out and being too young to see it at the time, having to wait to see it and fall in love, but with being older now I can take in Michod's talent with the rest of the world. As well as taking in the dystopia world that the film is sure to place me in.

I also enjoy seeing complicated characters on screen as they always seem to win over my side, because I believe we are all a little complicated and not as perfect as some film characters to portray. We are all routing for the underdog to win and in this film Pearce's character is going to be that underdog for me.

I really wanted to do this post because I really think this could be OSCAR friendly. I know some will say it is to early but when you see the passion the actors have put into their characters and the hard work of the director that this film displays so well it is hard not to get behind it. I am going to be sat on the edge of my seat when it comes out, as I have been waiting for it since I saw the first trailer. 

Oh and this post is my excitement overload for the film as well aha!  

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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