Hey Lovelies, 

...With these apes! Yes it is my favourite time of the week and I love this day because its #FilmFriday! And I love it even more because today is filled with goodies galore! 

Starting with 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'! Fans are getting very excited for the release of this film and I think the main reason for this is Andy Serkis returning as Ceaser. The man is incredible with CGI and I think when you put as much time into the project like this, then he should be praised for doing so. 

Which is why I am so happy to show you this new clip from the film about his character and the way in which he was brought to life...


After that very exciting start I now have a little clip to show you called 'Hanging Out' which sot of makes the title of this post make a little more sense now aha...

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Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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