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A while ago I saw the film ‘Non-Stop’ at a very cool screening and I enjoyed the film a lot more than I thought I would. It left me sitting on the edge of my seat and guessing continuously who had hacked the system on the phone. Which is why I was so happy when the DVD arrived, as I re-watched it straight away and found myself guessing again, even though I had seen the film.

The DVD is packed with special features including interviews and Featurettes that just add to the suspense of the film.

Many of the interviews are with the big stars of the film such as Neeson, Moore, Dockery and Nyong’o and have some interesting information that fans of these stars and the film will enjoy hearing about.

As well as a Featurette on the suspense of the film in a plane, this again makes you sit on the edge of your seat as you see how it is created. For me this was the best special feature because it took us into the making of the film and the dynamic the film makers took with it.

For me the film is a perfect watch with my Dad as he loves Neeson, and finds all his films a joy, which is why I think if he had been released a little earlier, it would have been the perfect Father’s Day gift.

However don’t worry because you can still watch this with your family at the end of the month, when the film is released on the 30th June. Just in time for Summer!

Oh and if you wanted to see my review of the film from when I saw the screening, just click on the link below...

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