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Now if you were expecting the next 'Ted’ film then you may be a little let down, however Seth MacFarlane, has brought along his star-studded friends, for what I believe will be the biggest comedy film this summer.

MacFarlane stars as Albert Stark, a sheep farmer who manages to escape death more times than you can count. However when he is faced saving the girl he loves from her evil husband, in a gun fight, he has to face up to his responsibilities.

For a comedy plot, the film does have a lot of originality and style, that reflects well into the western style of the film.  The setting also adds simplicity to the film, which was liked by the audience, as it didn't feel like it was a to overdone comedy. It was the right mixture between comedy and plot.  

As stated above, the cast is full of stars and all of them work surprisingly well together. From Seyfried to Neeson, they all fit their roles well, and make a team as strong as any comedy family. It seemed like they are meant to play the characters they were given, and if they were taken away it would not work as well.

Also a key role in the cast is the cameos that are just too perfect to be true. I won't spoil them but for me cameos make this film as you are left wondering who you will see next on the big screen. One thing I will say though is watch for the barn with the flashing lights that is where the best cameo lies.

However I do have to say though, that while MacFarlane is brilliant at comedy and in this film, it had lost some of the spark that 'Ted’ had. This was due to the predictable nature of the film, at times, as you were lead down many paths that romantic comedies have become famed for.

Although apart from this quality to the film, it is definitely going to be a hit film, and will be a success around the world this summer, when it sets off the comedy blockbusters.

Therefore there is a million ways to celebrate this rating in the west…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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