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'Blended' brings back one of the best comedy pairings of all time; however they are not enough to save it from being a disaster. The film is predictable and ends up being the same film, as all other rom coms with kids.

The plot was not original and while there were moments that were not expected and done in a nice manner, there was nothing that was different from what had been seen before. It was like they had taken an old script and changed only a few qualities of the film, like adding children and setting it in an amazing country.

Barrymore who is an angel in the film, does give it a little bit of justice through her motherly portrayal, but is brought down by Sandler over the top comedic acting that has lost some of its sparkle. While it was nice to see Barrymore back on screen, the film may have been better if she had had a different leading man.

And carrying on from this, the acting was saved by the children in the film, especially Sandler on screen younger daughter. Her innocence made her cute and funny in times when her peers were failing. They showed truth and genuine moments that you could imagine.

Although I do have to say the film wasn't all bad as it did tackle a hard subject with children well, and in a manner that lead me as an audience member to feel a great respect for the writers of the film, because it was done in a very good manner.

But that doesn't save the film, and as stated above it was nothing new. Therefore this film is going to blend in with this…

2 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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