Hey Lovelies, 

So this post is very serious, because over the past couple of months some of the most anticipated films of the year have release there trailers and we need to look at them and fan over their glory!

Let's start with these...

1. Map to the Stars: Looks like the biggest contender for having a Cannes Premiere, it has a brilliant cast and an interesting plot that will get us hooked in (WARNING SWEARING AND SEXUAL IMAGES IN THE TRAILER!):

2. Gone Girl: The book everyone read last year dropped its incredible trailer last night and Twitter is still buzzing from the look of it, in fact I am still excited about it aha: 

3. Annie: The sun will come out again as Sony releases the trailer for the hottest remake of the year:

4. Lucy: Scarlett Johansson is going to kick your ass with this one:

5. Frank: The sell-out film at this year’s Sundance London Film Fest looks like the indie winner of the year! I need to see this as much as you aha:

6. A Million Ways to Die: He is back and about to get a lot of people in hospital due to them splitting their sides (Sorry that was bad!) but it will so be worth it from the looks of this trailer:

7. The Drop: Two words: Tom Hardy! Going to be and deserves to be huge! Go see it as soon as it is out: 

8. Get on Up: You will sing and dance throughout this cinematic screening: 

9. Hateship/Loveship: Just watch the trailer to see why:

10. Interstellar: Nolan is back and he is being joined by Matthew McConaughey: 

I hope you have enjoyed the trailers I picked out and if you have any that you think I may enjoy let me know ASAP on the comments below or Twitter, and maybe they will feature on the blog's next trailer post :)

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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