Hey Lovelies,

So this is a massive change to what I would normally do on the blog, because this is about a theatre show instead of a film, but it does have a huge connection to a film aha!

Last night along with five friends, I went to see the West End production of 'Once' and it was as good as I thought it would be!

After purchasing tickets ages ago on Last Minute for £19.50 (Really good price!), we turned up at 6:50pm to collect our tickets before it was announced that before the show we would be allowed onto the stage, to get a drink from the set bar! Now let me just tell you something, it is the most surreal experience to be on that big stage and I got so excited I managed to purchase quite a bit of merchandise aha!

Soon the clock rolled onto 7:30pm and the show was about to start, so we left to take our seats and settle in! Once the lights went down, I got that excited feeling in my tummy and all I wanted to do was squeal as I have been waiting for months to see the show.

In our production Arthur Darvill was taking the male lead and recent Olivier winner Zrinka Cvitešić took on the female lead. Even though I have never seen the show before and can't judge the other male lead, I am sort of really glad we saw it when Darvill was in the show, because he is only there for a short amount of time and he was brilliant! All of us were shocked that he could sing so well!

One element that I loved was the swearing! I don't normally do it on the blog or in the Vlog’s, but I sometimes swear a lot and I find when other people do it in a comedic way, it is hilarious! I know it’s bad but when they did this in the play I couldn't stop laughing, especially the character Billy! 

With familiar songs including 'Falling Slowly', the song that one the film makers and original actors an Oscar, taking the first half, I could already tell that my heart was going to remain with the show forever, as it is the cutest and calmest environment to be in! My friend Ellen was singing by the end of it, my friend Emma and I kept being reminded of Frank Turner and Mumford and Sons, and my friend Tessa was planning her wedding in her head with Darvill! Well there was the little bonus that mostly everyone in the show is Irish, which just makes me melt anyway aha! (I won't to marry an Irish man! Anyway...aha)

Once the first half was up everyone was gearing for the second half of the will they, won’t they story line that made everyone sit on the edge of their seats. However I am not going to ruin it for you so you will have to go and see it to find out if they do or not! 

Darvill and Cvitešić are perfect as Guy and Girl! And I hope the show stays on the big stage for as long as possible because it is a little gem in the west end's eye, that I am so happy to say I have seen! It is up there with 'Book of Mormon' (Huge statement right there aha!). 

I would definitely suggest you all go and see the show if you love the film or like me haven't seen it yet (Thought I had but turns out I haven't whoops), because you will come out with a new heroine or hero! Or if you are like my friend Emma a little angry aha! 

I am not trying to promote anything, but I would definitely suggest Last Minute for cheap tickets to shows as they are brilliant. I have used them for 'Jersey Boys', 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Once' and while they say fifth price seats being the cheapest, I have always had the best seats with them. And when you can get a show like 'Once' for £19.50 why not just try it :) Just go to the link below to check out their deals lovelies if you are interested...

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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