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So this film is one in which you may not have heard of before, but you definitely should give it a watch! I found an email about it in my inbox recently and jumped at the chance to watch it as I love festival films, which this one definitely is. 

'Play' was written by Kelly McCormack and stars the likes of Kristian Bruun, who some of you may recognise. This Canadian film takes place during the opening night of the play and the disasters that follow with it. 

The film also had its debut at the Canadian Film Festival on Saturday, so you may have heard about it from that! 

If like me you were or are interested in seeing, have a look at this trailer for it...

And as well, I have done a little review for the film! Enjoy!

Play Review...

For a film made on a tight budget, this one has some of the best comedic and realistic elements that cinema is lacking with its big budgets! 'Play’ has been a huge hit at the festivals and it was a huge hit with me. From the actors to the plot, it had everything in it that would and will satisfy audiences around the world.

The plot focuses on the opening night of a play and the roubles and fun surrounding it. While many of the faces in the film are not recognisable, it is a nice change, because you are not looking out for a favourite performer. As well you are able to see new performers who may take the film scene by storm!

Two faces you may notice however is Kelly McCormack and Kristian Braun, who do manage to steal the limelight away at times, but also add the most laughs. But let’s return to the plot.

From the moment it starts to the moment it ends, you are hooked in and left wondering what is going to happen and when it does, you are left feeling as shocked, as those members on screen. It made me laugh the amount of open mouth moments I was finding myself doing aha.

Something else about the plot that was interesting was the small location shots. It made the camera stay close up to thaw actors, much like we were invading their personal space during the performance. It is also nice to see natural settings sheen you get to see them, as you know they are real and not a green screen creation.  

Overall it is a brilliant budget free film, with great actors and comedy that have caused me to give it this …
4 Stars

For its opening night!

Blog Soon,
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