Hello My Lovelies, 

This news arrived in my inbox this morning and I have to say it is coming a very interesting time as the new Nelson Mandela film is about to be released onto the world. 

Trinity Films have announced that they are going to release their document 'Plot For Peace' on the 14th March next year. The film is said to be a character-driven historical thriller, highlighting the dissolution of apartheid, through the story of Jean-Yves Ollivier's story. Ollivier is the man behind securing peace and ending segregation. This will be the first time his story will be told!

Including exclusive interviews with past and present heads of states, the film will look at how Ollivier helped free Mandela and bring peace talks to Africa. 

I think this would be quite interesting to view along with the film, to allow the audience to see both sides of the argument, however for me personally I would probably get confused by it all aha! 

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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