Spiders 3D Review


Hello My Lovely's, 

Yes I watched it and I can honestly say I wish I could take it back! The film is weak on so many levels and compared to all the other brilliant Lionsgate horror films, this one is a massive fail.

It started off really well but it seemed to just go downhill from there. It could have had the best plot, if they were able to get the Mise en Scene and acting correct. I felt so uncomfortable watching it and all I wanted to do was just skip to the end to see if the plot was going to get any better.  

However it didn't and I want to tell you all a little bit more on why it wasn't so good!

Let’s start with the CGI within the film that creates the spiders on screen! When you can tell that it is green screen, that’s when you know it can’t be good. Everything just seemed so fake! Like one big giant mess of melodramatic rubbish.  Honestly the eighties had better special features then this film.

As well I don’t know who Tibor Takács thought he was directing but these actors could not act. It was like he had gone onto the nearest street and selected random people and told them to be scared at certain times. The child actress in the film was probably the best performer out of the whole film and that’s because she couldn't understand what was going probably.

Don’t get me wrong I love Lionsgate so much and all of their films are normally incredible, I mean ‘The Hunger Games’, but I couldn't get over this.

I mean I don’t have a lot to say about this film, as I honestly can’t get over what I just watched! I mean I have the biggest phobia of spiders and when I hear about them I freak out but even I could defeat these spiders by pulling the plug on the rubbish CGI in the film.

So I am giving this film…
1 Star

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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