Hello My Lovely's, 

So how has everyone's weekend been? Did any of you follow me over on Twitter during the Sky Movies Bond Marathon? Did any of you take part? If you did well done! 

The event showed all of the films right from the beginning of the franchise, starting at 8 on Friday and finishing today at 10! It was definitely going to be a hard time for many of those who were following the event and I cannot express how proud I am of all you that managed to do so. 

Unfortunately I was only able to stay the Friday night but I think if I was able to have stayed longer, I would have been asleep so quick aha, just because I had been at Uni all day and Sky Movies made you feel so comfy, as if I was sitting in my own home!

(I made a montage! Get in!)

However back to my experience haha...

Upon arriving at the Sanctum Soho hotel, after being shown the route by someone in the Oxford Street Burberry shop (Couldn't afford anything in there! If you want to buy me a trench coat though feel free aha!), I walked into find this very exciting sign which made it all seem so secretive...

I continued into the room where I was greeted by a lovely group of people including Emma and Vicky who had helped arrange the event for everyone. I was wondering a lot before I arrived how they were going to seat us all, especially the people that were going for the full showing as I can imagine it would get very uncomfortable to sit for hours on an cinema chair aha. But to my surprise I walked in to 9 Lazy Boys all set up for each member of the team. 

Placed on the seats were some very cosy blankets and a very exciting goodie bag!

Inside those bags was one of the best creations of all time! A onesie! But not just any onesie, oh no, this was a James Bond Onesie! I honestly cannot thank Sky Movies enough for that beautiful creation! I do have an image of me wearing it but I will post that later aha! 

Back to inside the event and eventually more and more people turned up, but I can officially tell you all that I was the only girl to turn up at the event and I am very proud to have been the girl that they allowed to go! Everyone who was there was so nice though and I think I have made a few blogging/journalist buddies from the event!

Once everyone had arrived though, it was time for a Vodka Martini, which I am never ever having again! It was the strongest thing I had ever tasted, so I think you can sign me off ever being James Bond, if I had to drink that aha! I will just stick to my onesie version! I decided after that drink to stick to Corona and enjoy the canapés while watching the documentary "Everything or Nothing". 

I hadn't known a lot about the background to James Bond before watching the documentary and I was actually really enjoying it, after I got comfortable. It was really interesting to see the thoughts of the people behind the most desired man ever and how much time they took it perfecting him. I think it would be awesome to play him and I know that if you said to my brother he could play him then he would jump at the chance of doing it.

Then it was time for the real action to start with the first film of the night taking to the screen. 'Dr No' was a film I had never seen before and I honestly don't know why, as I actually really enjoyed it! I managed to tweet quite a lot throughout the film and I have to say I think it was because I was inspired by the continuous song about Mangos in the film. Honestly I didn't know one song could inspire a whole film's plot aha!

You know the saying time flies when you’re having fun? Well that's what it was like for me on Friday. Once the film had ended I had to leave as I needed to get the last train back to where I live otherwise my parents would of wondered what had happened to me. I was quite sad to go and I had hoped to of had the chance to go back today but unfortunately I was unable to due to my mum and dad taking the car out all day :( (By the way they were also very impressed with the onesie! My mum kept asking why I didn't get her one aha!)

But I wasn't about to give up on you guys or the people over at the Sanctum Hotel! Once I got home I continued to tweet my support to everyone other at the event and catch some of the films on the TV. I mean I just had to tune in for 'Casino Royale'! Everyone understands the reason why I had to do that right?!?

I feel quite sad now that it’s over even though I wasn't there long as it was such a fun experience to be part of and I cannot thank Sky Movies and the Sanctum Soho Hotel enough for the outstanding service I received in that short time! I could not have been treated any better; it was like I was a member of the royal family aha. 

So that's it from me about this special event... Oh hang on I have something to show you guys right! Here's I am in the incredible onesie...

This is it in the goodie bag...

This is me wearing it aha...

I think I will leave the suit to James Bond aha!

If you want to talk about you experiences of the marathon tweet me at @LetsStartNow18 or tweet @SkyMovies who I am sure will love to hear about your own marathon experiences :) 

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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