Hello My Lovely's, 

How are we all? I have just completed my first day at Uni and I would have posted earlier but I was at an incredible event, that I will tell you all about later or possibly tomorrow, if you haven't already heard about it on Twitter :)

So to kick off a night of blogging, I have four brand new TV spots from 'Girl Most Likely' for all of you to have a look at! Lionsgate have given the clips some very funny names and I cannot express who much I want to see this film when it comes out!

To start us of the first clip is called 'Panties' and my blogger is being a massive pain again and not letting the clip be found, so I have posted the link below...

And now for the next one which is called 'Drinking Problem', which again blogger cannot find it, so the link is below :) 

We are onto the third one now! This is known as the 'Aunt' TV spot and the link for it is again below...

For the grand finally I have the last TV spot which is known as 'Boosh' and the link for it can be found below...

I hope you enjoyed all the TV Spots! I’, so sorry about my Blogger not showing them! I hope my it starts working properly again soon, as it is annoying me that I can't show you all the Clips, Trailers and TV Spots for all the different films :(

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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