Hello My Lovely's, 

Scotland you very lucky people! Yesterday you got to see Lionsgate's brand new hit film 'Filth' before anyone else and I have to say I am very jealous! I had actually won tickets through a competition on Empire's website for the premiere up in Glasgow; however I had to enrol in Uni that day and couldn't go :( I was actually so upset about it!

But not to worry as we have a week to go until the film is out in the UK, and to celebrate this little fact, I have got for you all a brand new clip, some brand new stills and a little bit of a TV Spot!

So to start us of I am going to show you all the clip 'Bruce and Amanda'. As always the clips are NSFW so please don't watch if you are breaking this, thanks :)

And now for the new TV Spot called 'Quotes'. I haven't seen this one on the television yet, only the one I watched previously but I think myself and you will probably all see it over the next couple of days...

Finally I am going to share with you all the brand new stills I have been given! I love the one that I posted above the clip! I think McAvoy is going to become one of the best actors of all time and I am lucky to say I have seen him live aha! Enjoy my lovely's...

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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