Hello My Lovely's, 

Lionsgate were kind enough to send me over a review copy of the disc before its release on the 7th of October and I am so grateful for them doing so! I want you to all buy it or stream it from Netflix or something and enjoy the brand new female film of 2013!

‘Bachelorette’ is the best female film since ‘Bridesmaids’ hands down! Why was this film not liked by everyone is beyond me. I loved every aspect of the film!

It was different and fun but also so good at making you release about the important things in life as well.  While so many films like this rely on comedy, this one took the comedy aspects and made them into a serious matter that still had me laughing. As well with the whole thing being based around a wedding and them being the bridesmaids just made it even more special.

The cast was brilliant as they were all well know actresses or up and coming actresses, all of which have a comedy background, however I don’t think it has ever been presented so well as it does in this film. Rebel Wilson took a step down from the comedy aspects of this film to give it to the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan.

Fisher who is becoming one of my favourite actresses of all time finally got the screen time she deserved in this film as it focused a lot on her and her reaction to the drugs. She displayed what every female wants to be like but also has the little bitchy side that every female also has.

Caplan, who is famous for her performance as Janice in ‘Mean Girls’, brings back that spark that hasn’t been seen since the previous film. I loved her in that and I love her in this as well. The scene between her and Adam Scott were the best moments, as it was so ridiculous that these two people who had the most obvious plot in the film could take it away in an instant by doing something silly.

As for Dunst, she is back to her best! Normally they give her the roles about being the nice sweet indie girl but in this she was the bitch everyone loves. She had me laughing so many times, that I was a little shocked that it was being presented by her. She was the one that at the end, you wanted to be happy and successful! She also gave the best message in the film which I know I never normally use language on here but when she said ‘Fuck Everyone’ as the bride worried about being too fat, I think it is a moment that will always stick with me.

Hollywood is all about being perfect these days and for the director to place in something like that was an incredible move!

Something that did stick out for me also was the soundtrack to the film! Everyone loves ‘500 Miles’ and if you don’t then you will at the end of this film as it just comes in at the best times. Like when a moment became very serious and they needed to lighten the mood back to the comedy genre they would use that song to bring it back and when it is played at the end of the film, it makes you want to get up and dance to.

Definitely watch this film! You don’t have to be in the female audience to see it, as it is really a film for all! With a different topic from each lady and some of the best messages to grace the big screen in a long time, this film deserves a lot more credit than it is getting!

For an amazing film, this is getting…

4 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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