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Hello My Lovely's, 

So today I went to an exclusive screening in London for the new Warner Bros film 'We're The Millers'! The film definitely brought the laughs hard and I don't think me or my brother will be getting over some of the gags for a long time.

I have spent all day in London today with my brother and seeing as it was his first time going to London in his 26 years of living on this Earth, I asked him if he wanted to do anything special on the day. Well he did and it all involved food!

Since finding out about the event my brother has been planning to take me to the Covent Garden food shop 'Five Guys' which is like a fast food chain. Now I know my American followers/viewers will agree with me on this when I say they have the nicest burgers and chips around! It’s not the cheapest place but if you are looking for good quality food then this is the place to go.

I was unable to get a picture of my food but I can assure you that my burger was smaller than my brothers (His 6ft 5in, meaning he needs a lot of food apparently) as I could not stomach one of the bigger ones, but I can assure you we definitely walked it off.

Here's my brothers meal and what it looks like in London for those who want to know...

Anyway back to the film event! It was held at Cineworld Haymarket which is a cinema that I have never been to before! It was really nice but good was it hot! 

To help cool us down we were all given a bottle of Corona (Lovely!) and sent into watch the film, which I am now about to review for all you lovely people :) 

Here is the review...

Everything about this film seems to resemble all that you think you know about comedies, however I think this film is going to change everybody's expectations. It takes an independent step away from what you were expecting and I cannot believe how good it is to see a film actually take the decision to do that.

The plot is very individual and I can’t think of anything like it. Yes you may guess how it is going to end but that doesn’t take you away from the hilarious action you see on screen. I couldn’t stop laughing at the original gags that were in place to make the family seem so fake, yet the family opposite them are so oblivious to it. Their reactions when all is revealed will definitely get you guys laughing from start to finish.

When you think of a film that is going to be based on a drug plot, you don’t normally think that a family will be part of it, but it is actually a very clever base for a comedy. You get all the elements of the different family members imputing on what is happening, all in very different emotional ways. Whoever decided to do such a thing was definitely drinking the right juice that day!

All acting performances within the film have left a mark on me which I will be looking for in all of their other pieces. 

Jason Sudeikis takes the rein in this film and lets just get this out there…GIVE HIM MORE LEADING ROLES! He is the best leading male I have seen in a long long time in the comedy world and I believe he could go far if he was placed in more. I haven’t seen him in anything since ‘Horrible Bosses’ or the occasional glimpses of him in a SNL clip, but they don’t do him as much justice as this film does. He makes the role of being a father plus a drug dealer seem like a breeze and his highly funny one liners catch the audiences attention like no others. 

As a massive fan already of Aniston since her 'Friends' days, this role was a complete turnaround from what any audience member would expect of her clean cut image but she plays it well. Her character is a likeable and fun loving figure which her other films have been lacking making her look weak. Her pairing with Jason Sudeikis is perfection as well! The pair may have been known for their roles together in 'Horrible Bosses' but forget that performance because these two just seem to click on screen better than any pairing she has had since the Ross and Rachel moments. 

Something that did definitely stand out was the actors playing the kids! Both very different and both being very differently skilled actors. Emma Roberts has always been known for her emotionally high characters who struggle to come to terms with one thing and normal I find her very repetitive, but in this she is a likeable character who you feel quite sorry for in some parts. This is where the actor Will Poulter comes in and counteracts her with his stupid performance in the film which actual expresses some of the best comedic moments in years. 

The film is definitely one to watch this summer and I suggest that you pop down to your local cinema and watch it. Although do be prepared for bitten balls, a massive stash of weird, a family who turn into swingers and a whale.  Don’t be put off by that because it all adds to the comedy and makes the film worthwhile. 

A hit for all the family this summer, it is a must watch with this wonderful…

4 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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