More News From Lucas Hugh! Will Someone Buy Me It All Please!!!


Hello My Lovely's,

Yesterday I shared with you my lovely interview with the Creative Director of Lucas Hugh, Anjhe Mules and today I have been given the price list for each item.

The whole outfit consists of 4 pieces and comes to a total of £695 but it is worth every penny when you look at how fantastic the members of the cast look in it.

There is a...
  •  The Dials Sports Bra is available for £85.

  • The Speke Tank which is available for £110...

  • The Dials Capri Pants available for £180...

  • And finally the Prince Albert Jacket which is the best item by far for £320...

 All of the items look incredible and I want someone to buy me all of them aha! Honestly I think if I wasn't going to Uni, I would probably buy them all and walk around my house pretending to be in the Hunger Games.

To be fare I would probably do that around the Uni as well!

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx 

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