Man Of Steel Available On DVD, Blu Ray And To Download From The 2nd Of December!!!!


Hello My Lovely's, 

Exciting news for all the 'Man of Steel' fans out there! The film will be able to be purchased on DVD, Blu Ray 3D and Steelbook 3D, plus all Download Editions from the 2nd of December. 

Pre order your copy from the 23rd of August!

All of the disc versions will have Ultraviolet included with them and the Blu Ray edition has up to 4 hours of special features on top of that!

The special features on the Blu Ray edition include...
  • Strong Characters, Legendary Roles: An inside look at the legendary characters of the Superman franchise!
  • All-Out-Action: A look behind the scenes at Henry Cavill's miraculous transformation into Superman. 
  • Krypton Decoded: Dylan Sprayberry (Clark Kent, age 13) gives the viewers an indepth look at the technology, weapons, and spaceships that have been featured into the film. 
  • An Exclusive UltraViolet Feature - Journey of Discovery, Creating “Man of Steel”: A feature length experience that allows you to watch the film alongside the stars of the film and director Zack Snyder as they share their onset experiences of remaking Superman. 

The 'Man of Steel' DVD will also include the Krypton Decoded special feature! 

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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