I'm Back! The Way Way Back That Is!


Hello My Lovely's, 

So I am back after a lovely long weekend! It was quite sad for me in some ways as I said goodbye to one of my best friends Issy, as she is the first out of all of us I think to go off to Uni. I am also preparing myself for tomorrow as I am giving blood. I am actually very excited about doing it (Don't ask why) and so I wanted to share some goodies with you to make you excited as well.

If you hadn't guessed from this posts title, I have some lovely items from 'The Way Way Back', which Think Jam have sent me to celebrate the films cinematic opening :)

 If you haven't seen it yet I hope these clips and TV spots convince you to!

To start off I have the first out of the two clips and this one is called 'Is it a Homicide?'...

And the second is called 'There you Go' which again Blogger won't let me share on here, so I am going to post the link below...

Now onto the TV Spots I have for you!

The first one is called 'Joyous'...

And the second is called 'Summer' which again is not working, so I have put the link below this :)...

I have some more goodies to share with you all, so keep a long out for them in the next hour!

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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