Brand New Stills And Featurette From The Way Way Back!


Hello My Lovely's, 

I have those lovely goodies I was telling you about a minute ago for you all now and I hope you enjoy them. Ages ago I put up a load of Stills for the film but I have some more for you all now, as well as a Featurette which I will be putting at the bottom of the images.

Now on with the stills! Something I love about these are that they focus on Sam Rockwell's character 'Owen' a lot more, which has made me very happy, as he is honestly the best character in the whole film.

Also in the images below is Alison Janney, who most of you will know as the mum from 'Juno'. She brings the laugh hard, especially when she is with her son. I can officially say that she will not be winning mum of the year. 

Enjoy them my lovely's...

Now for the Featurette! This one is known as 'The Ensemble' and gives you guys, the viewers, an inside look at how the actors feel about the films storyline :) 

Hope you liked them goodies aha :) 

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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