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Hello My Lovely's, 

So last Wednesday I went and saw the film 'This Is the End' and I loved it. Yes it was weird in parts but I haven't laughed so much watching a film since 'The Hangover'. The film hit all the right spots and belly laughs which made it so worthy of a review!

Directed and written by star of the film Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg, the films plot was always going to show the worst possible acts but in a way that everything was funny. The acting was fantastic as many people would think that some of the actors portraying themselves are actually like that but really it was all for fun. It was refreshing to see actors not take themselves so serious at last and the self-parodying in this film was a success in my eyes.

As for the plot it stuck to it which not many people would be expecting it to. Considering each of the actors have been in very different projects e.g. Jonah Hill going from 'Moneyball' to this was a big step, it would seem that they would not click together as well as they may have wanted it to seem, however it worked! It worked really well!

I can see that the film could be taken in a wrong way especially from religious groups as the film is very over the top with the whole apocalypse form. Watch for the devil in the film because that is still something that I don't think any of us who watched it will be getting over quickly.

The ending will also remind you of 'Ali G Indahouse' as it has that feeling of why is this happening much like the ending of Ali G does.

Definitely go see this film for the laughs however it is not something that I think everyone would like. Prepare a very sick sense of humour for this film right from the start.

I am going to end this with...

4 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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