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Hello My Lovely's, 

So a couple of weeks ago the lovely people at Think Jam invited me to a FDA Multimedia Screening of 'The Heat' and it was one of the best events and films I have ever been to. Ironically it was very hot in London when I went to see the film which wasn't missed out by the people at Fox.

Everyone who was at the screening was treated like royalty and given free Hot Dogs in their full glory and these cheesy ball things which were very hot! That was only the beginning though as viewers were also treated to complimentary drinks of Wine, Water and beer, that just top off that comedy feeling.

I was very lucky to sit in the Premier seats which if you ever go to the Odeon West End cinema, you have to sit in! I am very lucky to have been to a special event in each of the big cinemas in Leicester Square but these seats are the comfiest I have ever been in. Yes I know it’s a seat but honestly you have to try them aha!


'The Heat' exceeded all my expectations and I think it could even rival 'Bridesmaids'. Director Paul Feig definitely knows how to get the best from his female actresses! Melissa McCarthy is honestly the Queen of comedy in Hollywood at the moment in my eyes and no one is about to remove her crown. It was also nice to see Sandra Bullock back and doing what she does best. Her comedy acting is still top notch and this film is a great reminder of her in her 'Miss Congeniality' days.

Even the plot of the film is brilliant! I loved the way in which the females were still able to distance themselves from the cheese worthy plots that many films like to take on to give them an easy ending. This plot will keep you all entertained right up until the end and the laughs as well.

Comedy is becoming one of the strongest film genres at the moment and Feig is getting it right every time. Laugh after laugh is what this film will bring and even when you think it is over, the post credit scene just gave it the cherry on top! Stay until the end of the film for this and don't leave.

It was a film full of masculine charm and storyline so the modern twist was also a great way to top off the comedy features that so many films stereotypically apply. I want to let everyone know that from about 10 minutes in your tummy will start to ache from the laughter and it’s all down to the duo in town.

I can definitely see Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock working together again as their partnership was perfect! It reminded me so much of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler which is a hard duo to match up to. Whoever cast them to together is a legend in my eyes and I think many of you will agree when you see it.

'The Heat' is a must see this summer for the laughs and female fun that all will see. Comedy has never looked so good!

Goodbye Male Gaze with this beautiful...

5 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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